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Nutrition for Hope

Make Peace with Food.

Enjoy eating.

Live a fulfilling life.

Welcome to Nutrition for Hope


I am Kelly Neilson and I am a Registered Dietitian. My passion is teaching others to change their lives through nutrition and positive body regard. My goal is to help individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating realize their full potential and live a fulfilling life. 

Why Nutrition for Hope?

About 10 million females and 1 million males struggle with eating disorders in the

United States. A large majority of these individuals never receive treatment. One reason for not receiving treatment is not having access to adequate treatment programs or eating disorder professionals. With online access to a specialized dietitian from anywhere in the country, Nutrition for Hope clients will have the convenience of individualized outpatient care without having to leave their home.

Hope for eating disorder recovery
Virtual nutrition counseling
Nutrition Counseling

Attend sessions with your personal registered dietitian through online videoconferencing. Click Here to learn about what services are available. 


"When I met Kelly, I was broken, lost and exhausted.  Years of yo-yo dieting and restrictive-binge eating lifestyle had worn me out physically, emotionally and mentally.  Kelly was a bright spot in a tough storm.  She taught me to enjoy the taste of food again.  She helped me understand that the crazy-vicious cycle that I had been on would have been difficult to break on my own.  Thank goodness I didn't have to try. Kelly gave me the tools, confidence and strength to completely change my thoughts around food and dieting...A struggle that I have had for 28 years.  Thank you Kelly!  You were a blessing and a God-send. My life and health has forever been changed!" 


"Two years ago Kelly came into our lives when we were scared and unsure of what the future might look like. I am not exaggerating when I say that Kelly saved my daughters life. Her knowledge and approach gave us the tools to move towards recovery while offering us hope for the future. I will always be grateful for the role that Kelly plays in my daughters life and in her recovery!"


"I met with Kelly with Nutrition for Hope over the course of about 7 months. I was so impressed with her assistance and she has helped me COMPLTELY change my attitude around body image, food, and diet culture.

I came from about 20 years of disordered eating patterns and yo-yo dieting, and didn't believe I could overcome my issues. I was reluctant at first to use her services, but decided I had nothing to lose.

Kelly was extremely helpful and positive. She helped me learn about how diet culture has affected my attitude and eating habits negatively. She helped me make peace with food and learn how all food benefits us. She taught me how to really enjoy food and how to listen to my body and what it needs. She also enlightened me on why I kept repeating binge and restricting cycles.

Recovery is never easy, and there is so much chatter from society you have to learn how to ignore regarding body image, diet, etc. Kelly not only assisted me during the time I met with her, but she gave me the tools needed to face recovery after we ended our sessions. I would suggest her services to anyone struggling with their eating habits and/or body image. She is really enthusiastic sharing her knowledge with you, and she will help you make positive changes in your life."


"I had the privilege to work with Kelly Neilson for a year and a half at varying levels of care. In my time working with her, I was given a wealth of knowledge to overcome my eating disorder and live a more fulfilling life. Through compassion and an ability to set boundaries, Kelly was able to help me recognize the areas that I needed to work on while not allowing my eating disorder to take control of and manipulate the situation. I always felt like she treated me as a person, not as a disorder. She went above and beyond by creating meal plans that helped me get the nutrition I needed while also making sure that my medical issues were closely monitored. Though the work with Kelly was hard, I feel as though she gave me a chance to live my life and created a strong desire to work toward my long term goals. I truly feel as though Kelly was one of the most instrumental people on my path to recovery."


"Kelly absolutely changed my life. I started working with her in April and I was in the worst state I've ever been. I felt hopeless and saw no happy future for myself. Living in Spain makes it very difficult to find nutritionists, so I found Kelly through instagram and we worked together online for 5 life changing months. I can't thank Kelly enough for how effective and beneficial my time with her has been. I have found a love for food again that I never thought I'd get back. I have fallen back in love with music and have started to see my true personality shine through. I have learnt to love myself and be a light for others around me. Without Kelly, none of this would have been possible. Her support blew my mind! Any time I needed to reach out for help, she was ready to listen and give me her comforting advice. Kelly gave me extremely helpful assignments each week which allowed me to reflect and improve my relationship with food and myself. I feel like a completely new person and I am still in awe of how much Kelly has influenced my perspective :) I will forever be grateful for what she has done for me <3 I highly recommend her to absolutely anyone that wants to improve their relationship with food - she will not let you down."


"Kelly has really helped me with my relationship with food. I have become more aware of my eating habits which has produced amazing results. She does not make you feel ashamed or embarrassed. She is very encouraging and informative in her profession. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist."


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